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County Economic Support Specialist Exam

Thank you for your interest in employment as an Economic Support Specialist with Milwaukee County. This is the beginning of the civil service examination for the County Economic Support Specialist position. To complete this exam, you will provide narrative responses to three questions that will allow us to determine if you meet minimum qualifications for this position. Please include scope, duration, and your specific role and responsibilities when describing experience in the three areas listed below.

You must provide detailed responses to all questions in order to be considered for this position. Do not refer to your resume in lieu of any part of this examination.  Since each question may be evaluated independently, please provide a complete response to each question even if repeating what may have been mentioned in an earlier response.  

If you do not click Save and Continue or Save and Finalize within 20 minutes, WiscJobs will time out and your answers will be lost. We encourage you to prepare your answers in a Word document and then copy and paste using "Ctrl C" to copy and "Ctrl V" to paste, or the cut and paste buttons on your browser. This will speed up your time in the exam and prevent lost answers. Do not use the right click function on your mouse to paste as it may not save.

Your responses to all three questions should be limited to a total of three typewritten double spaced pages and font no smaller than 10.

When you are finished with each question, click the "Save and Continue" button. When you are finished with the exam, click the "Save and Finalize" button and at the next window click the "Finalize" button.  You can update your exam responses until the deadline date.  Note: anytime you enter the exam, you MUST click “Finalize” regardless of whether you changed your responses.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.  If you have any questions, please contact Dionne Groth at 414-220-7066 or email at 

Minimum Requirement


This position requires the appointee to establish and maintain primary residency in Milwaukee County.  If appointed to this position are you willing and able to establish and maintain Milwaukee County residency?


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This position is responsible for authorizing child care subsidy payments for parents and providers.  This position ensures that eligible children and parents participating in the Wisconsin Shares program are authorized for appropriate hours of care with certified or licensed providers.  This position requires knowledge of income maintenance programs and child care authorization.

Please describe your training and professional experience as it relates to income maintenance programs, including experience with child care subsidy eligibility and authorization.  Your response should include the following:


  • Your specific roles and responsibilities working with economic support programs and specific experience you have related to child care subsidy.
  • Where you gained your experience including the names and dates of employment.
  • Training or experience in economic support and human services.  Include any credentials or degrees you hold.


When outlining experience include the following: specific duties, complexity, scope and the impact of your decisions



Limit your response to one double spaced page in 10 point font.


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This position is responsible for proactive review of cases to identify suspicious activity and detailed analysis when there are indicators of fraud or overpayment.  This work includes reviewing child care authorizations and analyzing them to determine if fraudulent activity has occurred.

Describe your experience and training as it relates to reviewing or assessing for compliance:


  • Your role and responsibilities
  • The type of reviews you conducted 
  • The purpose of the reviews
  • The impact of findings of non-compliance
  • Level of supervision/oversight


Please limit your response to one double spaced page in 10 point font.


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This position must use automated income maintenance data and case management programs to authorize and review child care subsidy payments accuracy and compliance. for compliance

Please explain your experience with automated data, case management or financial programs and other computer skills such as MS Office (i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) or similar packages. 

Your response should include the following information:

  • Name of employer(s), dates of employment and type of organization you have worked for.
  • Names and types of automated programs you used and/or been trained to use and the purpose for which they were used


Limit your response to one double spaced page in 10 point font.