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Thank you for your interest in this position. In order to be considered for this position you must complete the following four (4) questions, which are considered an examination. Though you will submit a resume, the exam raters will not be given a copy of your resume and will evaluate your exam based only on your responses. Please limit your response to each question to no more than the equivalent of two (2) pages of double-spaced text. Pages in excess of the specified limit will not be evaluated and incomplete application/examination materials will NOT be considered. We suggest that you prepare your response in a word processing document first to ensure your response does not exceed the specified page limit and to ensure it is not lost in the event of a WiscJobs system time-out. Use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and past your responses. When you are finished with each page of the exam, click the "Save and Continue" button (bottom of the screen) to save your answers. When you are finished with the exam, click the "Save and Finalize" button and at the exam summary window click the "Finalize" button. If you return later to update your exam, you must "Finalize" again or your exam may not be considered. If you encounter problems in this process, please call or e-mail the person listed in the contact information listed on the Job Announcement. Be sure to include your daytime telephone number when you call or e-mail.

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1. Please describe your knowledge and experience with developing and/or designing queries to extract information from a database environment. Include information on the type of database and query tools that you have used.

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2. Please describe the types of written and oral interpersonal skills you have used on a regular basis in a professional environment. In particular, explain how you would communicate differently to non-technical, functional users and colleagues in a more technical position.

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3. Please describe your knowledge and experience with relational database systems. Indicate the type of relational database and provide an example(s) of how you learned the system(s), and any testing of the system you participated in.

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4. Describe a project you worked on that included the use of advanced functionality in Microsoft Office Suite. Give examples of how you have used the various tools and applications.