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Library/Archives Collections Management


Please describe your education, training, and experience managing archival textual records, or other media collections.  Be sure to include the organization where the education or experience was obtained; your specific roles/responsibilities; and specific information about archives management systems with regard to the following:


·       Experience with accessioning and/or processing archives textual records, photographs, audio, video, and digital format collections

·         Experience with standards and practices for arranging and describing archival collections

·         Experience with records analysis completed within the scope of collection appraisals

·         Experience with cataloging and the improvement of descriptive systems using EAD and related methodologies

·         Experience with the arrangement and description of visual materials collections

·         Experience with bar coding and linking of archival collections

·         Experience with managing archival collections in digital formats

·         Experience with digitizing textual or visual materials collections

·         Experience with housing and preservation efforts for archives textual records, photographs, audio, video, and digital format collections