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1. Cataloging of Library Materials

The Historical Society Library-Archives Division includes the largest collection of Wisconsin state government publications in Wisconsin and a smaller but significant collection of Wisconsin local government publications. The Wisconsin government publications collection consists of a circulating collection and a non-circulating archival collection. Together there are ca. 40,000 volumes in these collections. The Historical Society is located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin–Madison and serves  broad general public and academic audiences.


Please describe your education and experience (number of years) in the following areas of activity. 

a.       Creating original descriptive catalog records for library materials in an online database.

b.      Editing or enhancing existing catalog records for library materials in an online database.

c.       Developing metadata standards and policies for digital resources.


List any library science, history or other academic degrees you hold or anticipate receiving by January 2014.

2. Government Publications


Please describe your experience related to the management of a government publications collection by carrying out the following types of tasks. 

a.       Developing and implementing acquisition policies for government publications.

b.      Developing and implementing cataloging and processing procedures for government publications.

c.       Developing and implementing goals for a government publications work unit

d.      Leading the work of a government publications work unit and monitor the quality of cataloging/processing work provided by part time employees.

e.       Assigning Sudoc or Sudoc-type call numbers to government publications.


Please be clear regarding the nature and extent of your experience.  In your answer include any experience managing a government publications depository;


List any library science courses you’ve taken in Government Publications. List a MLS degree you hold or anticipate receiving by January 2014.