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Thank you for your interest in a Military Affairs Security Officer position with the Department of Military Affairs.  To be considered for this position, you must complete the online application process.


QUALIFICATIONS LETTER AND RESUME:  Attaching your resume and qualifications letter is a mandatory part of the process.  It is important that your qualifications letter and resume clearly illustrate your qualifications.  The qualifications letter will be reviewed for content only.  Your letter must not be longer than 2 pages.  Pages in excess of this limit will not be reviewed.


In your resume and qualifications letter, be sure to describe your experience, education, and/or training related to:


Minimally qualified candidates will be required to have security/law enforcement experience OR training/education.


Well qualified candidates will have:

·         Received a professional firearms training course

·         Security/law enforcement experience AND training/education


INDICATING YOUR INTEREST:  To complete the online application process, you must attach a resume and copy and paste a qualifications letter in the text box below.


CAUTION:  If you do not click “Save and Continue” within 20 minutes, Wisc.Jobs will time out and your work will be lost.


COMPLETION: Once you have attached your resume and copied and pasted your qualifications letter, click the “Save and Finalize” button and then “Finalize” to complete your application.  After you have successfully completed and finalized your application, you will receive and email confirmation.  If you do not receive an email, you have not finished all of the steps correctly.


EVALUATION OF MATERIALS:  After the established deadline, your qualifications letter and resume will be evaluated by subject matter experts to determine your qualifications for this position, and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. 


QUESTIONS:  If you have questions or encounter problems with the process, please use the contact information in the Contact section of the job announcement.

1. In the space provided below, please copy and paste your qualifications letter for the Military Affairs Security Officer position.