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IS Business Automation Consultant/Administrator

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Letter of Qualifications and Resume Tips


Thank you for your interest in working for the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The application process for the State of Wisconsin requires applicants to upload a resume. You may also be required to provide a letter of qualifications addressing the specific criteria listed in the job announcement. These two documents are reviewed by subject matter experts to identify the relevant qualifications for the vacancy DOJ is recruiting for.

Each time you apply for a job; you should update and tailor your resume and letter of qualifications. Candidates should clearly describe their education, training, and experience related to the items listed in the “Qualifications” section and “Preview Assessment” of the job announcement. These qualifications should be addressed in your resume and expanded upon in your letter of qualifications. This will allow a fuller assessment regarding your qualifications and those required for the job applying for.

Your resume should include the following:

·         Your educational background including any course work that relates to the position in which you are applying.

·         Your employment history, including experiences and/or duties and a summary of accomplishments and skills learned or used.

·         Any training or experience, including volunteer work or internships, you have related specifically to the “Qualifications” section of the assessment.

·         Spell out any acronyms and/or abbreviations the first time used.

Your letter of qualifications should include:

·         Additional information regarding your past work experience, including volunteer work and internships, or coursework you have taken.

·         Highlights of your most relevant skills and experiences as they related to the specific job you are applying for.

·         Specific examples that clearly demonstrates your level of expertise.

Other important information:

It is important to review the job announcement and identify any page limits for your resume and/or letter of qualifications. Please note there is a difference between a resume and curriculum vitae. Many times, a curriculum vitae does not meet the page limits and may not clearly identify the qualifications listed in the job announcement.

What not to include in your resume or letter of qualifications:

Your application materials should not include any information that is not job-related. This includes race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, creed, disability or genetic information. Further, do not include any self-identifying information such as photos, social security numbers, political affiliation, citizen status or conviction records. References will be requested from top candidates once interviews have taken place. 

We appreciate the time and effort it takes to apply for positions. If any questions arise, please contact the Human Resource Specialist listed on the job announcement.



Thank you for your interest in the Systems Engineer (IS Business Automation Consultant/Administrator) position at the Department of Justice, Division of Management Services, Bureau of Computing Services.


Your resume and letter of qualifications are critical parts of the application and will be reviewed as part of the assessment process. In order to be considered for this position, please customize your resume and letter of qualifications to address training, education, and/or work experience you have had with the following:


A minimally qualified applicant will have training, education and experience with the following:

·       Developing system requirements, data dictionary, process flow diagrams, user stories, coding requirements, test plans and training documentation. 

·       Education or training in automated regression testing and/or creating test scripts.


A well-qualified applicant will also have experience:

·       Developing functional analysis, detailed trade studies and interface definition documents.

·       Working with hardware and software systems and ability to troubleshoot IT at a system level.

·       Performing automated regression testing and/or experience creating test scripts.

·       In change management and managing small projects.


CAUTION: If you do not click save and continue within 20 minutes, will time out and your work will be lost. We encourage you to prepare your materials first in a word document to ensure your responses do not exceed specified page limit and are not lost in the event Wisc.Jobs’ system times out.


COMPLETION: Once you have entered your letter of interest and resume in the response boxes provided, click the “Save and Finalize” button and then “Finalize” to complete your application. After you have successfully completed and finalized your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you do not receive an email, you may not have finalized all of the steps correctly.


QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please contact the HR Specialist listed on the announcement.

1. Insert your letter of qualifications addressing your qualifications in the box provided below. Your letter of qualifications should not exceed two pages.  If your letter of qualifications is not pasted in the box below, your application will not be considered. 


2. Insert your resume addressing your qualifications in the box provided below. If your resume is not pasted in the box below, your application will not be considered.