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Disabled Veterans/Affirmative Action Information

Disabled Expanded Certification Form
Disability Expanded Certification is an Affirmative Action policy that allows for a qualified applicant with a disability to receive special considerations upon completing and passing state examinations. If an applicant verifies that they have a bona fide disabling condition which qualifies for this initiative they may fill out and return an application to be accepted in to this program. Conditions and benefits of the program are explained on the form.

Non-Competitive Appointment Bulletin
Bulletin OSER-0304-MRS provides information on the non-competitive appointment of certain disabled veterans to a civil service position. This bulletin allows for non-competitive appointments to all positions in the classified service; previously it was limited to nonprofessional or entry professional positions. 

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

This is a link to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) website.


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