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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office Support Exam and Current Office Support Vacancies

How often is the Office Support Exam administered?

The Office Support Exam is administered at the State Civil Service Exam Centers when requested by the state agencies. Information regarding the next exam center can be found on the Wisc.Jobs website under Monthly State Exams.


What is a job cart?

Your Wisc.Jobs job cart maintains a record of the jobs you have applied to and the jobs that you have saved to apply to later. Once the application deadline has passed, the saved jobs are removed from your job cart. Your job cart will list the register(s) and certification(s) lists you are on for a specific job title. You will also have the ability to create an “E-notify” to be notified of jobs that meet your search criteria (the E-notify option is explained below).


Do I have to do anything before the exam?

You will need to register to take the Office Support Exam. You can go to for information about the registration process. You will be required to verify your personal information, select your job preferences and indicate where you would like to take the exam. You also may contact the registration phone line at 608-266-1536.  Make sure that you allow ample time to receive and return the application materials by the deadline date.


What should I bring to the exam center?

You should bring your registration confirmation notice that contains your Wisc.Jobs Applicant Identification (ID) Number; ID with a signature (a photo ID is preferred); and enough sharpened #2 pencils. You may use a calculator for the Office Support Exam. You may not use cell phone calculators, programmable calculators or those with alphabetical keypads.


Do I need to take a typing test?

Some positions require a minimum typing speed and accuracy level in addition to the written exam.  The job announcement will indicate if there is a typing requirement. If you are required to take a typing test, contact the nearest Wisconsin Job Service office to schedule an appointment. You may review the typing performance test flyer at


What are the different state job classifications which are tested on the Office Support exam? 

Criminal History Records Specialist
Criminal History Records Specialist – Senior
Document Production Assistant
License/Permit Program Associate
Offender Records Assistant 1
Office Associate
Office Operations Associate
Operations Program Associate
Program Assistant – Confidential
Program Assistant Advanced – Confidential
Purchasing Associate

Records Program Associate
Revenue Tax Representative – Entry
Secretary – Confidential
Tax Representative 1

Tax Representative 2
Visitor Service Associate


What happens after I take the exam?

The exam is scored.  A civil service score of 70 or higher is passing. This is not a percentage. If you received a passing score of 70 or higher on the exam, you are eligible for further consideration and your name will be placed on an employment register for that exam.


How will I know how I did on the exam?

After you have taken the exam you will receive a Notice of Examination Results in your Wisc.Jobs job cart as soon as the scores are entered. This process may take two to three weeks from the date of the exam. You will receive an email notifying you that the scores are in your job cart as long as your email address is active. Please keep your Wisc.Jobs profile updated, especially your email address.  


What happens if I receive a passing score?

Most agencies will announce their specific vacancies as “Current Office Support Vacancies,” noting that eligibility to apply is based on already having a current passing score on the Office Support exam. However, agencies may also choose to certify applicants directly from the established, statewide register.


What is considered “part-time”?

Any vacancy that is less than 100% is considered part-time. Therefore, if you see a position that is listed as 80% time, it is part-time.


What are Current Office Support Vacancies?

These are specific office support vacancies in which agencies have announced exclusively for those that have already passed the Office Support Exam. In order to be eligible to apply you must have taken and passed (a civil service score of 70 or higher) the Office Support Exam within one year of the announcement date. 


How do I apply for Current Office Support Vacancies?

You must apply separately to the specific job announcement after you receive your Office Support score. You can apply to the position online at Wisc.Jobs using your job cart.  You must have a passing, active score within the last 12 months in order to apply to a Current Office Support Vacancy. 


How do I search for Current Office Support Vacancies?

From the Wisc.Jobs home page – under Job Category, select Current Office Support Vacancies and click on “Search.” 


What is a reuse?

Requesting to reuse your score will keep your current passing score active and allow you to stay on the register for an additional six months from the date of your request.  You may view for more information regarding score reuse.


What is the retest period?

The retest waiting period for most exams is six months from the date of testing. The information will be listed on your examination notice and in your Wisc.Jobs job cart. If you take the exam before the retest date, your old scores will automatically be reused and you will not be able test for another six months.


How does E-Notify work?

New job announcements that fit your job search criteria can be emailed to you. To use this feature, click on the “E-Notify” button at Wisc.Jobs, select “Create a New Account or Login” to your existing account.  Select your search criteria from the Search page and select “Search”, when you get search results click “Save this Search”. At the My Saved Search screen enter a search name and an email address and click “Add My Saved Search”.  New job notices will be emailed to you when they are posted. 


Whom do I contact if I have questions about the Office Support Exam?

All questions should be directed to the Employment Services Center at 608-266-1731 or email


Whom do I contact if I have questions about a Current Office Support Vacancy posting?

Agency specific contact information is found on the job announcement for each Current Office Support Vacancy.  All questions should be directed to the identified agency individual(s).

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