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Application Information

The Job Announcement

Information in the heading includes:

  • County(ies): Any or all of the 72 counties within the State of Wisconsin where the position to be filled is located or where future vacancies may exist. STATEWIDE may also be listed which includes all counties in Wisconsin. Outside of Wisconsin includes State of Wisconsin Government Jobs located outside of the state.
  • Classification Title/JAC: The classification title is the state job title of the position(s) being announced. The JAC is a seven-digit number assigned to identify this particular job announcement. It will benefit you to know this number when communicating with administrative personnel during the hiring process.
  • Working Title: A working title may also be listed below the classification title. Working titles are commonly used by the hiring organization to identify their position from others that share the same classification. For example, a classification title might be PROGRAM ASSISTANT 2, while the working title is GAMING CLERK.
  • Type of Employment: The type of employment can be: Full Time (40 hours/week); Evening 2nd Shift (3 to 11pm or similar hours); Part Time (less than 40 hours/week); Seasonal (minimum of 600 hours/year but less than 1828 hours/year); Evening 3rd Shift (11pm to 7am or similar hours).
  • Salary: The pay for the position. Salary can be stated as an hourly wage or annual salary. A pay range may be used indicating flexibility based on applicant qualifications.
  • Contact: The contact person assigned to answer questions regarding this Job Announcement.
  • Bargaining Unit: A group of employees that a state administrative agency has certified as appropriate to be represented by a union for the purpose of collective bargaining. In Wisconsin, that agency is the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission [WERC]. See Ch. 111, Wis. Stats. Certified bargaining units for state employees, with the exception of public safety employees as defined under s. 111.81(15r), Wis. Stats., are prohibited from bargaining anything other than base wages. For the purposes of recruitment and selection, these bargaining units are considered non-represented and the procedures will be set in accordance the Wisconsin Statues Chapter 230 and the Rules of the Director (ER-MRS). Public safety employees are represented by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association and are able to bargain wages, benefits and other conditions of employment.
  • Area of Competition: Defines which applicants are eligible to apply for a recruitment. Open competition is open to all qualified applicants.
  • Deadline to Apply: The date application materials are due for the Job Announcement.
  • Assessment Information: If you see Preview Assessment next to assessment information you are able to look at the assessment prior to taking it. You do not need a Wisc.Jobs account to be able to preview the assessment, but you will need one if you wish to apply for a position. If there is no assessment information, read the How to Apply section of the job announcement. 

The most common sections in the body of the announcement include:

Job Duties: A brief description of the type of work performed. This description includes the majority of work activities of the position and should give you a realistic preview of the nature of the job. This information will help you decide if you are interested in the position.

Qualifications: A description of the minimum and any preferred qualifications to successfully perform the duties of the position or levels of the position(s). This information can be used to self-screen whether you are qualified for the position.

How To Apply: This information gives specific instructions on how to apply for the position. Read and follow it carefully. These instructions may direct you to submit a variety of application materials to the hiring organization in order to be considered for the position. Without receipt of these materials you may not be considered.

The main categories shown above will appear in most announcements. Announcements may also have additional information not listed here.

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