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Underutilization and Expanded Certifications

To ensure fairness and equal employment opportunity in the state civil service, state statutes require a workforce analyses to assess if affirmative action groups are equitably represented in the state civil service. When the workforce in the state civil service is statistically significantly lower than the available labor market for racial/ethnic minorities, women, veterans and/or people with disabilities, this is referred to as underutilization. When underutilization occurs, affirmative action is a tool used to address disparities.


Expanded certification is a statewide affirmative action program used to address the issues of workforce underutilization. It ensures equal employment opportunity for racial/ethnic minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities when they are substantially underutilized in the state workforce. The expanded certification program allows the Division of Personnel Management, Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection to include names of qualified racial/ethnic minorities, women, veterans, certain spouses of veterans and persons with a disability to the certified list for underutilized positions.


Underutilization Table (July 2017 - June 30, 2020)



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