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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information about Positions in Wisconsin State Government


Additional Employment Consideration – In accordance with State of Wisconsin policy, an applicant may receive additional consideration for similar positions within State service.  This means an agency may use a list generated by another for similar employment opportunities.  In addition, an agency may reuse interview results to fill similar positions with the agency.


Background Check Standards – Employment will require a non-criminal background check consisting of Social Security Number verification and a Selective Service check, if applicable.  The job announcement for a specific vacancy may include additional information regarding other requirements of the position.


Business Hours Standards – Unless otherwise noted, the standard work hours for full-time employment will be the standard business of the State, which are 7:45 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Some positions within state service may require alternative work patterns or may allow for a flexible-time schedule.  Please contact the agency listed in the job announcement to inquire about the work hours for a specific vacancy.


Dates Included in Job Announcements -

a.      Publication Date:  The date the vacancy is made public for recruitment purposes.

b.      Deadline Date:  A final deadline date by which applications must be received to be considered eligible for this recruitment. Note: The announcement is automatically unpublished at 11:59 p.m. on this date.

c.      First Review Date:  A first review date may be used when a longer deadline date is used or when an announcement is posted with an open deadline. This is the first date by which the application materials must be submitted to guarantee review for hiring consideration.


Discrimination prohibited – Per s. 230.18, Wis. Stats. “No discriminations may be exercised in the recruitment, application, or hiring process against or in favor of any person because of the person's political or religious opinions or affiliations or because of age, sex, disability, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry except as otherwise provided.”  Applicants are directed to exclude any references to political or religious affiliations, and identifying information such as social security number, ethnicity, gender, photos, etc. on their application materials.


Information for Current or Former State Employees Searching for Jobs – Each state agency has a specific promotion/ transfer/ demotion/ reinstatement process for how current or former state employees apply for open vacancies posted on Wisc.Jobs.  If the announcement does not include direction, contact the agency listed in the job announcement to inquire about applying for a specific vacancy.


Moving Expenses – In limited circumstances, an agency may reimburse a portion or all of an applicants moving expenses upon hire.


Probationary Period Standards – Unless otherwise noted, all original and promotional appointments to permanent, sessional and seasonal positions in the classified service shall require a probationary period of one year.


Salary –  Pay for current or former state employees will be set in accordance with the Compensation Plan and/or the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  As a result, such individuals may be eligible for a higher starting pay than stated in the announcement. 


The starting pay in a job announcement may be revised between the announcement date and the hire date due to adjustments provided in the Compensation Plan. 

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