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Frequently Asked Questions

I Applied Online for a Job with the State of Wisconsin. Now What?

When you apply for a job in Wisc.Jobs, a record of the application is saved in your job cart under “My Job Applications” for four years. By selecting the “View” button next to the job you applied for, you will see your Application Status page which will contain current information about the status of your application. As we continue to process your application more information may periodically be added to this page. Depending on the status of your application, the following is an explanation of the types of information you may see.

Application Detail: This section shows whether you completed the Personal Information and Job Preferences sections of the application, and whether you submitted the required application materials. If you decide after starting to apply for a job you would rather not be considered, you can select “Withdraw Application” in order to end consideration. Please note: withdrawing your application is permanent, so do not withdraw your application unless you are certain you do not want to be considered for future openings.

Eligibility: When your application, resume, and any required assessments have been evaluated, you will see your eligibility reflected in this section. Depending on the type of screening, you may see your result as “Eligible” or “Not Eligible” in the Eligibility field. “Eligible” means you passed the initial screening and are eligible for further consideration for the job. “Not Eligible” means you did not pass the initial screening. In the event you are not eligible for a job, you must wait to reapply for the same job until after the “Reapply After” date listed, and when the job is posted again on Wisc.Jobs.

You may see a numerical score included with your eligibility rating.

Registers: A register is a list of applicants who have passed the initial assessment and have been deemed eligible for further consideration for the job. The register will show the level for which you are being considered, and the date you were added to the register. Employment registers are generally used for 3 to 12 months.

Sometimes if a job announcement is for multiple levels of a job classification (for example: the entry, senior, and advanced level of a job classification) you may notice you are on multiple registers, or perhaps on the register for one level, but not for other levels. In the event you are on a register for a job classification for which you do not want to be considered, you can select “Remove From Register”, however like “Withdraw Application” doing so is permanent, so do not remove yourself from a register unless you do not want to be considered for future openings in that classification.

Certifications: We further narrow the employment register to the certification list or the list of applicants who will be passed on to the next step in the selection process, typically an interview. It is possible one or more state agencies will request certification list from the same register. If your application is passed on to the next step in the selection process, you may see one or more certifications appear in this section of your Application Status page.

If your name appears on a certification list you will be contacted to participate in the next step of the selection process. You may be contacted by email, phone, or by mail, and will have a limited time within which to respond. Therefore, be sure your contact information is up to date and be on the lookout for communication from the state agency listed in the certification.

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