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Veterans Employment Information

The State of Wisconsin salutes veterans and is grateful for their service to our country.  As an employer, the State of Wisconsin has a coordinated effort across state government to administer programs designed to increase veterans’ employment in civil service.  Hiring officials recognize veterans as highly trained in a variety of occupations, exceptional leaders and teammates, and dedicated to serve others; a terrific fit with Wisconsin’s standard of public service!

The state as an employer is highly attractive to veterans as well, for many reasons, including:

•    The size of our organization, number and variety of employment opportunities, career advancement potential, and diversity of jobs which align with most military occupations.
•    State-wide distribution of jobs for Wisconsin’s returning veterans and those wishing to make a home in our beautiful state.   
•    Fantastic insurance programs and paid leave benefits for critical family needs, which includes having time together.

We welcome all veterans to visit our employment site, Wisc.Jobs, where you will find a wide range of opportunities.  Our application processes are on-line, they are user friendly, and you will have the opportunity to identify as a veteran.  Doing so will increase the potential for advancing in the selection process if deemed qualified for the position. 

Disabled Veterans Non-Competitive Appointment

The state is proud to offer special hiring procedures for qualifying veterans with a 30% or greater service connected disability.  The goal of this program is to increase the number of qualified, disabled veterans in state service by, 1) identifying and promoting veterans’ qualifications to hiring officials and 2) providing authorization to hiring officials to direct-hire eligible and qualified disabled veterans in lieu of traditional competitive methods. 

By applying to the State of Wisconsin gateway announcement, your application materials will be reviewed for eligibility to be hired into state employment without competing with other applicants through traditional methods.  Veterans’ resumes are reviewed for general qualification determinations and will be referred to hiring officials in state agencies.  As vacancies occur, agencies may seek job matches between veteran qualifications and vacant positions.  With this gateway, you apply and demonstrate your eligibility and provide a resume demonstrating your qualifications and we look for a job match for you.  Applicants with background and interests that closely match the requirements of specific vacancies will be referred for further consideration.

Veterans eligible for non-competitive appointment are also encouraged to take an active role in seeking jobs they are interested in and qualified for by reviewing the many job postings provided on Wisc.Jobs.  If you meet the qualifications, you can call the contact listed in each job announcement to inquire about special application/selection procedures which may be available on a recruitment by recruitment basis.  

Qualifications:    To be eligible for non-competitive appointment, the veteran candidate must:

1. Meet the definition of a 30% disabled veteran, as follows:

a. be included on a U.S. armed forces permanent disability list with a disability rating of at least 30 percent or
b. have been rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as having a compensable service-connected disability of at least 30 percent.

2. Provide written documentation from the appropriate federal government authority, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Army, Navy etc., certifying the existence and extent of the disability, and this certification must have been issued within the year preceding appointment.

3. Must not hold a permanent appointment or have mandatory restoration rights to a permanent appointment.

Technical knowledge, skills and abilities will vary depending on the position sought.  Appointees must be qualified for each position. 

Please see the Gateway Announcement for application instructions.

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