​​Understanding Career Categories​

U​nderstanding Categories​       

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics' 2018 Standard Occupation Classification system was used as a starting point for Wisconsin TAM job categories. Groupings were further customized based on the occupations in Wisconsin State Government, the job listings best understood by applicants.

Job ​Category Name       

Admin S​upport/Customer Service-Office and support positions ranging from basic administrative support to specialized paraprofessional support across nearly all occupational groups.

Agriculture & Natural Resources-Inclusive of a broad field agricultural and natural resources related positions.

Architecture & Engineering-Professional engineers of all types, from civil and electrical to natural resources or utility, and professional architects.

Business, HR & Finance-Professional and support positions related to general operation of the business such as accountants, auditors and tax auditors, financial specialists or associates, procurement/supply, human resources professionals and support staff, training specialists, benefits specialists, record keeping, or related support positions.

Community and Social Services-Community care or social support positions such as counselors, treatment provides, social workers, probation and parole agents, and unemployment insurance specialists.

Education & Library Services-Education related positions, such as teachers and educators, as well as historic preservation specialists or site operators, and librarians, archivists, archeologists, or museum staff.

Facility, Construction, & Maintenance-A wide range of specialized technical staff who perform specialized inspections or service, maintenance and repair work on buildings and grounds facilities, vehicle maintenance (automotive to aircraft), manage supply inventory, or are in a traditional trade (electrician, carpenters, etc.).

Food Service-Food service, food preparation, catering, and food production management and oversight.​

Healthcare-Professional direct healthcare positions such as physicians, physician's assistants, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, etc., and inclusive of related healthcare occupations such as pharmacists, occupational or respiratory therapists, dietitians, or medical support and medical assistant positions.

Information Technology & Technicians-Professional IT and specialized technical positions. IT professionals in this group include developers, architects, database specialists, hardware specialists, network specialists, or similar. Specialized technical positions include radio and telecom specialists, electronics specialists, security system specialists or technical support positions.

Inspector, Compliance, & Regulatory-Specialists in federal, state, and local regulatory compliance; inspectors of specific occupational areas ranging from grain to labor compliance to sanitation to mining and everything in between; examiners of financial, insurance, and tax records.

Legal-Attorneys, paralegals, and paraprofessional or administrative legal support staff, and court reporters.

Life, Physical & Laboratory Sciences-Encompasses Life and Physical sciences such as biology and microbiology, epidemiology, foresters and forestry specialists, chemists, plant and disease specialists, atmospheric specialists, hydrologists, radiation specialists, urban planners, forensic scientists, and laboratory staff and support.

Management/Supervisory-Supervisors and management staff over a broad range of occupational areas.

Other-An eclectic mix a wide range of positions from aircraft pilot and barber to lifeguard and the state fair.

Public Affairs/Relations & Marketing-External facing positions who work on materials to be distributed to the public or customer group.  Positions range from graphic designers to marketing staff, editors, or sales staff.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement-The full range of public safety occupations ranging from security guards to correctional officers, and emergency management specialist to firefighters and certified law enforcement and police positions.

Social Sciences & Research-Specialized social science and research positions, such as economists, psychologists, and research analysts and technicians who specialized in large surveys and dataset management.

Temporary Positions-Temporary or short-term positions.